Anomalous Press: new issue!

TIR staff

“Taxidermy-ed animals back-lit in heavenly light, the everbefore and meatloaf, history’s memory and perhaps the devil himself. We at Anomalous are proud to unveil our hand-stitched creation, our curated collection of a glass-jarred world, life in stand-still for your observation.

P.S. We have no qualms about shattering glass.”

            —Anomalous Press

Anomalous Press recently launched its newest (seventh) issue, a range of pieces dark to light, heartbreaking to hilarious, and full of the ups and downs of language, life, and death. The non-profit, on-line literary magazine founded by editor Erica Mena was launched in March 2011, and is dedicated to the diffusion of writing in the forms it can take. Sculpted by the Anomalous team of editors spread across the country and connected by email and share drives, Issue 7 is full of unexpected experiments with the possibilities of language, a wall of glass jars for eerie wonder and microscopic examination.

The issue features translation by TIR’s very own Russell Valentino. In Pierre Menard’s Alexander Blok, Russell underscores the expansive possibility of translation by translating the same poem in multiple versions:

The issue also contains an interactive poetry translation by Kurt Beal, a graphic flash by Elizabeth Catanese, translation by Jen Zoble, Sandra Kolankiewicz, and Brandon Homlquest; poetry by Karen Carcia, Joshua Daniel Edwin, James D’ Agonstino, Eric Parker, Cait Weiss, Ricardo Maldonado, Elizabeth Mayer, and Mathais Svalina; fiction by Harold Abramowitz and Nalini Abhiraman; and memoir by Katie Click. The photos are courtesy of Mike Edrington’s series After Life.

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