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In this issue: a broken oven, bad friends, EMTs, a sulking room, breast cancer, a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera, claw machines, and more.

In this issue: Walter Benjamin's snow globes, a new stepmom, Superman comics, sibling rivalry, dreams about the pope, a ship on fire, ballerinas in New York City, Saint Valentine just before execution, and more.

In this issue: a home for girls, the bardo, weddings, a mountain lion, pending Amazon orders, zero, hurricanes, Ree Drummond, Juan Felipe Herrera, and more.

In this issue: bears, Trichoplax adhaerens, the National Visa Center, Los Angeles, Riga, Kathmandu, the Ohio State Buckeyes, journals from a mother, letters from Donald Justice, and more.

In this issue: a portfolio on poetic Black resiliency, births, guanábana fruit, rodeo clowns, a bad back, winter ticks, a roadside inn, aphorisms, a storm, palindromes, and more.

In this issue: a shrinking house, COVID, Burning Man, Alexander Pope, crisis, spies, a plane crash, wars, Sandy Koufax, and more.

In this issue: Pat Benatar, hemochromatosis, funerals, hotel linens, running amok, prison food, a cult, freight, teen sexuality, the blues, and more.

In this issue: reality TV, jar-smashing, texting, empty nests, unrequited love, filmmaking, caregiving, outsider art, a yellow fever epidemic, book organizing by sector, and more.

In this issue: birthday cake, auctioneering school, the 2018 Hawaii false missile alert, a male masseuse in Kanagawa Prefecture, a love performance, the winner of the 2019 David Hamilton Prize for Iowa Review Alumni, and tributes to Connie Brothers.

In this issue: toes, 362.28 in the card catalog, a portfolio of fantastical and surreal writing and artwork, a tenure review gone awry, and the winners of the 2019 Iowa Review Awards.

In this issue: jellyfish, a guide to surviving weddings, the U.S. border crisis, a bad grandma, Arthur Russell, sloths, improv, and mannequins.

In this issue: filk music, basketballs and tennis balls, trees with hands, the U.S./Mexico border, an ’80s Detroit dance party, and the winners of the 2018 Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans.

In this issue: cyanotypes, a giant hedge, nuns with tattoos, food carts, a divorcée in pumps, Naima Coltrane, an ode to the dumbphone, Charlottesville, and the winners of the 2018 Iowa Review Awards.

In this issue: spring training in Arizona, Black magick, pronouns and sentence diagrams, a shrinking man and a henchman, ramen, Krazy Kat, and an interview with Robyn Schiff.

In this issue: punctuation, LeBron James, post-Katrina paintings, an affair in Park Slope, motherhood, the son of Batman, a Leo like Jackie O, and the winner of the inaugural David Hamilton Prize.

In this issue: pugs and Ms. Pac-Man, growing up in Pittsburgh, wedding parties, bodies and boundaries, an archived interview with James Alan McPherson, one mother's last wish, and winners of the 2017 Iowa Review Awards.

In this issue: reporting from war zones, orange spray paint gets ugly, alopecia, visualizing Walter Benjamin's Arcades, breakfast and dinner in verse, Japan during the 2011 tsunami, a monkey magician, and a man runs a 10k in Converse.

In this issue: Debbie Harry's first show in LA, a journey to Iceland, tooth extraction practices, John Hersey in Martha's Vineyard, communists, Greek beaches during the Syrian refugee crisis, the Siamese Twins, and the winners of the 2016 veterans' writing contest.

In this issue: A drag queen dresses as a flip phone, British patriotism in the Falkland Islands, Charles Baudelaire, a cougar in the woods, very large things, Iowa IRL, drinking and traveling, Rapunzel and Snow White hit the beach, and Michael Jordan.

In this issue: Kafka gets a cease and desist, train trip through Siberia, hornets, personal advocates and lost cats, Charlie Chaplin is everywhere, the poetess takes her revenge, Deus Ex Machina, cancer, and a dinner party.

In this issue: rugby without rules, swords of Damocles, maybe you love him and maybe you love her and maybe you love no one, El Ángel de la Radio, Bobcatting coffins, helpless before so much love, glaciers retreating as we approach, and 10 rising poets of Iraq


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