Recent Issues

In this issue: I don't know how to measure my blackness, bones in the woods, the poetics of cartography, the history of night in each night, spider puppeteers, Scheherazade's middle-aged daughter, bus plunges, the way bodies grow tenderness, the mythical American Mister in Honduras...

In this issue: yellow with nothing to fix it to, a taxidermied cyclorama, a cosmonaut going somewhere far, Marcel Marceau on perfection, muscular lilies, a disease called “someday” or “somewhere," when a ketchup mogul accidentally kills your sister — and a portfolio on children's literature

In this issue: the best white rapper in Berea, Ohio; Statements of Full Attention in Shinjuku; the Pistorius trial in libretto; the lazy angel who missed the Apocalypse; my mother, Miss Subways; were you ever Chinese enough?; how blue / is your bluest vein?; and the winners of our 2014 Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans, featuring Captain Beautiful, Psycho Tuesdays, and a puppy named Hesco

In this issue: dining in the city of wolfmen, when I was King of the 1980s, Britney Spears girls in Bombay, a happy ending for an unhappy housewife, the wonder of bodies, the misery of bodies, The Best Sports Photo of the Century, "spaz attacks," and I'm the onliest one you need. Plus, a collection of critical essays on avant-garde media studies.

In this issue: seahorses making new seahorses; being dissolved by a tree; a charming sixth-grader with an explosive temper; your parents at Coney Island before you were born; the trouble with knives; Hansel, Gretel, and a Witch like a wolf in well-meaning skin; first kisses and electrocution  

In this issue: what is an ash tree, or Liberace?, dusting the Buddha, finding you more indispensable than the serial comma, poles materializing in driveways, boys drawing cats, playing Captain Radiation after Chernobyl, a Mennonite auctioneer, and finding love in someone else's house

In this issue: how the Shed Lady died, perfect wax hands, translucent honeymoon, fifty things about my mother, a mother becoming a bird, a bird renting a womb, a father-built playhouse, a father-gifted gun, dangling bulbs in stopgap towns, the body making room for our favorite ways, Kuwaiti latrines, and Who shoved Greg into the pool?

In this issue: Vikings marauding through our blood, Emily Dickinson's small sleigh bed, unbuttoning your heart one blood vessel at a time, cuddling a flour-sack baby, subterranean adolescents talking beauty in Mongolia, roses and maps on children's backs, a stolen dog, a welterweight son, and a glaciating landmass in sandalfoot nylons

In this issue: trading a Playboy for a hat, lines for telephone calls, lines for Rembrandt, lines along the circumferences of yams in the kitchen, killing time with muted baseball games and cheap metal detectors, a dusty dog and remembering to remember her name, supervillains with paralyzing beams, museums of drones, streets a latticework of fire, and what's morality to you? 


In this issue: landscapes on a train, accidentally stalking Rod Stewart, Flight 800 and Catastrophe Theory, multiple "multiple choices," sock puppets at Smiling Goat, a moody Woodsman with a rust-colored beard, Still Life with Power Tools, and where are you really from?

In this issue: anonymous macaroni, if God lived on my block, waiting in line at the food bank, a terrible concentration of hares, a bullock-cart to Chandapur, Blackfisk in Norway, Memaw on piano,the white shadow of afternoon, and falling in love over chicken-butt soup

In this issue: yellow picnics, cartwheels in the garden, an epistolary nun, holy and other mothers, stories for geometricians, princessing in Rome, spectator chess in Russia, and binkies in America


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