Apocalypse / Utopia VI

Katie Willingham

The actor rehearses alone, before the rehearsal,

to get the lines right. If I could remember


everything, I doubt it would appear like

elegant scaffolding, a face on top, and limbs, how


they gesture now, in June, towards June things:

a dress covered in boats, leaves flashing their undersides


to an oncoming thunderhead. A friend

reposts an old picture—we were,


we were—my mind already leaping to the option

of reposting the repost. Each time


I think of what has happened, I make it

again. I lay down the stones between this


and that, all else a river. The lesson of water: what

I couldn’t have if I could just organize myself around it.


Katie Willingham is a Brooklyn-based poet and the author of Unlikely Designs published by the University of Chicago Press in 2017. Her work has been supported by the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Vermont Studio Center, and the Helen Zell Writers Program where she received her MFA. Her poems have appeared in such venues as Bennington Review, Poem-A-Day, Kenyon Review, The Journal, Colorado Review, and others. You can find her online at katiewillingham.com.