Vanessa Moody

this is the physician’s assistant you saw here at Dr. ----’s office
the neurologist            I received just now the results
of the MRI        of your brain
I wanted to go over       the results        uh      of
what we            found there
so if you could give me a call back        some time today
hopefully we can um talk about some of these uh findings
all right            hope you’re doing well
take care buh-bye

your neurologist
um I wanted to review the results of your brain
MRI with you         if uh you could give me a call back    um again

so I’m obviously concerned      about what might be going on
and happy to help you            sorry

um pretty scary stuff           I hope you’re well
hope you’re just       looking at facts    and holding up
okay             Loira everything is going to be figured out pretty soon
te amo beijos mil and uh            be safe

some of the questions that you have about the MRI
I think your mom may have also called our office

hi good morning I’m calling from ---- Neurology
please call me back thank you

we’re in your house
I love you      and I tried the bathroom but you weren’t there

placed a referral         to our neurosurgery department

I’m uh in the car          just in the parking lot
I’m just going to wait here       until you let me know it’s okay
to come in

if you have a chance call me if not we’ll talk later on no problem at all
beijos thinking about you bye

uh hope everything is going weeeeelll

this is ---- Hospital Pre-Procedure and Recovery Department
you are scheduled for check-in for the procedure at 8:30 on Thursday April 24
you will need a ride home if you have no ride your case may be canceled
please bring an updated list of medications and please leave your valuables at home
we are located on the second floor of the hospital above the emergency room
thank you for choosing ---- Hospital and Clinics

só quero falar boa sorte amanha
and I love you and I’m thinking about you and everything is going to be all right
I love you querida

you know who this is
please just give us a call when you’re back on the phone tchau

---- Ambulatory Surgery Center
you’re scheduled for a 7:15 procedure time tomorrow
morning have your nursing staff bring you over here around six
please do not eat after midnight tonight
you can have clear liquids up until three hours before your procedure
please do not bring any kind of jewelry or valuables with you to the procedure



Vanessa Moody is a Brazilian-American writer living in New York. Her poems appear in Best New Poets 2017, Breakwater Review, and Willow Springs. Also a librettist, Vanessa's opera What Gets Kept premiered at the Kennedy Center. She earned her MFA in Poetry at NYU, where she was a Goldwater Fellow and undergraduate instructor. Vanessa works in children's publishing and is a proud Hufflepuff.