How to say break-up in a new language or Which number favored concubine am I?

Stella Wong

After Soong Mei-Ling

They say.

They say,
Say, you are pretty

So they say,
that I am pretty.

I am pretty strange.

I am pretty? Strange,
eating in—

I am pretty strange
in my eating habits.

I am pretty strange
in my eating.
Habits I want to break.

I want to break.

I want to break
bread with you.

I want.
To break bread
with you & your family,
I need to sit
as they say:

Say. She’s a pretty
one, strange she

doesn’t talk like us
nor eats like us neither.

She’ll get broken in
to our life,

accustomed to
our customs,                                                                     eventually.