I-90 Mutilated Acres

Adam Fell

Somewhere near Poynette
our waxwings fail /

Like snow setting
on youthless kites /

thrushed to less /
godwit brimming /

We sing / we sever / we save /

The mute engineering
of our own pried open country

gives our green abundance

away / in gasps / Our hush
the husk of all good intentions /

Mute / we sing / while brains
blown from dearest heads /

while misted red on white
corridor walls / on mute architecture /

dearest hands given away / in gasps /

our hush / so loud / so mute /
we sing / we sever / we save

the truest safety /

for the whitest corridors /
an ageless extortion //

Mute / we sing / save /
we savior / we sever /

Like silent footage
of a deafening blast /

immense / alone /
frozen inaction /

We savior / we sever /

champions of cold compassion
burning in a spacious forever /

Adam Fell is the author of two books of poetry: Dear Corporation (recently republished by Forklift Books) and I Am Not A Pioneer. He is an Assistant Professor of English at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, where he is co-curator of the Monsters of Poetry Reading Series and has just completed work on his first novel, Daughter of the Hatchet.