A Line of Five Girls with Golf Balls in Their Mouths

Sawako Nakayasu

Meet a line of five girls with tennis balls in their mouths


In front of a line of five girls with basketballs under their shirts.


The tennis ball girls are perfectly in sync with the basketball girls. They stay

directly in front of them at any given moment in time. In fact, it is absolutely

imperative that the basketball girls do not reveal their basketballs, under any

and all circumstances. Everything is fine with this unique and slightly freer

version of country line dancing, that is, until the whole grid of dancing girls

ends up dancing their way onto the fairway, right in the middle of the U.S.

Open. With their left thumbs still hooked into the pocket of their cowboy

jeans, they use their right hands to each pull out a baggie of invisibility

powder, rhythmically shaking it all over themselves until there is nothing left

to see except for beautifully fine residual vectors, the fine-tuned lines that they

are. With these new and beautiful vectors, as well as the golf balls in the

mouths of the five girls with golf balls in their mouths, they proceed to

intervene in the outcome of the major golf tournament. Followed by the U.S. 

Open in tennis. When the grid of girls makes its way all the way to Madison

Square Garden, they start dropping babies all over that basketball court as if

the world was on fire and they needed to drop some weight so they could

mad dash their way out of there. Basketballs, I mean.