Mixed Girl Writes the Dictionary

Kay Henderson

concupiscence—name. A joining of those hidden pools
                                    found only when remembered.
                                    OR a puddle of memory, blood

                                                 evaporated. Example:                  I put each word between a girl and _______          
in a dream
I follow an egret to some other
watery body
I forgot. Another river
leads to—  And so
on. Or say no, I’m learning.
Say with me,

inchoate—abject. Overwhelmed by a remorse so great
                        that any possibility of forgiveness
                        is eclipsed. OR Shrouded in loss, unable

to return whence one came. Exam:                                                                           SING SOULFUL LIKE
/My black blood pumps through my desert heart
                                                                                                                        My desert heart,/
                        she remember a husk
of Shout. An echo
of a doubt, no
of a girl. Say it again,

obtund—adjunct. Possessing a round depth
                         hidden by its own dark mass. OR
            —vibe. To conceal by an intrusion
                                                    a body

a form. Ex:                                                                        I put each word between girl
  each word
a monster
avoided. In a dream
I plead with the egret,
say with me,
 forever. Say,                                                          
what a miracle,
I can say
any word              at all                


K. Henderson is a writer and musician whose work/performances have been found in Texas, Vermont, New York, and Oregon. K. can be found in Portland, Oregon, and is a soon-to-be MFA candidate at the University of Pittsburgh.