New issue of Anomalous + call for submissions

TIR staff

Our pals at Anomalous Press have just released their newest issue! It's available online, via, Kindle, as a PDF, and as an audiobook (!!).

They write:

We present to you Anomalous 9, and we hope that when you're finished, you might come back, or at least give us away. We want to be repossessed. We want to be the enigmatic jewels that thieves leave behind, like the re-painted myths and revolving language of retold histories. This issue is full of them. There are always more layers to peel, but you can start by looking under the sheets to find:

  • A journey in prose with Janalyn Guo’s pieces "The Hidden Town" and "Boy." “You want access beyond the mudbrickwalls of words. You want an opening in the shape of your figure everywhere.”
  • A lyrical, pop smash-down with R. Zamora Linmark’s poems "Whitney’s Greatest Love/ Mix," "Last Dance
    and "Arse Poetica." “…Seventy-year-old Lolitas/ explosive and sexhausted titles of/ B-lyrical odes “Gospel According/ to Luke Loser” and “Who Won the War/ Between Gentile and Genital Warts”/ alliterations enough for everyone...”
  • Two fresh-faced stories by Casey Plett, "Me and You" and "Gas." “I cried because you had something to remember me by and I didn’t, so you took off your shoes, and then your socks. They were black.”
  • Two thought-provoking poems by Rich Murphy, "The Clone Rhymes Now at Home" and "The Tremor State."“…The hen house/ will be bugged to determine/
    which came first the kitchen/
     or the egg; bedrooms will be projected/
    onto police station walls.”
  • Edward Gauvin translating two whimsical stories by Jean Ferry from the French, "The Garbagemen’s Strike" and "A Tear in His Eye." “It has to do with a very dear friend, whom I’ll call Jean for simplicity’s sake, and who could never manage to cry.”
  • Erin Sweeny’s photographs, untitled from the series Tarpaulin Muster, a portrait of both experience in time and movement through space in the forms of what remained in a stolen, impounded, and then reclaimed Chevy pickup.

If after you’ve read, you remember something you have to show us, we are accepting submissions until July 31st and again during the month of November. Along with our regular submissions, we'll also be reading for our Queer Issue that will go live in March 2014 to celebrate our third anniversary as a press. Send us your finest, and we'll show you ours.