News from Saint James

Russell Valentino

A happy new year to all! We've got mail from Saint James Harris Wood, our McGinnis Award winner from 2010 (just announced in the December issue), which I know some of you will be especially pleased to hear. Why I know this is that he tells us in his handwritten note -- his typewriter's on the fritz -- that he's been getting your letters, which he says is "unusual" and: "Something as good as this probably means bad luck for a while, but that's fine." He also notes that the latter half of 2010 was especially good to him, with our prize and an unnamed small press that has agreed to publish his collection of "rabble letters" (of which we published just five little gems): I wonder whether they'll include us, his humble pen pals. If you haven't taken a look, the five are in our August issue -- hope you can find a copy. If enough people send us requests, maybe we can find a way to put them up on our site. Drop us a line ( if you'd like us to give that a try.