Our 2012 Pushcart Nominations

Jenna Hammerich

Choosing only six pieces to nominate for the Pushcart Prize is never an easy task. We could have nominated any of the 123 pieces we published this year for the 2012 anthology, but (after much list-making and hand-wringing) decided on these:

“Magellan” by Bradley Bazzle (41/3, forthcoming), fiction
“The Perfect Age” by Kevin Moffett (41/1), fiction
“Y” by John Witte (41/1), poetry
“Testimony of a Private” by Steve Almond (41/1), fiction
“There” by Andrew Feld (41/2), poetry
“Squab” by Melissa Ginsburg (41/1), poetry

Thanks to all our contributors, and congratulations to the nominees. We've got our (papercut) fingers crossed!