Tiffany Bridal Shop and Other Prom Dresses

Adrienne Raphel

Hello! I am Tiffany, a mannequin.
I live on 77 Sunset. I would like to
read a poem by my very favorite
poet: you! That dress is cocktail white,
that dress is you. This dress is another blue.
My day is thirty dollars. My dress is
Thirty thousand dollars. Know
Your birthstone. Mine is
Aquamarine. Today’s horoscope is
Mean. Something new awaits you.
Are you born under a moon sign?
Funny. Living curiosity

Since thirty-two. Been on Sunset
Since six. Nine for you.
You’ll never get out of your time.
Spectacular. This flower is hope.
There’s no artificial light. It’s neon.
Ever been so bright before? Nope.
Nothing is as crimson as you, no,
Nothing is cleaner than an aquatic feature.
Stand in the middle and reckon
You look like a four-year-old’s
Princess. Better off Becky,
Baby Zinc, Puffin Pink.
Yesterday was Saint Benjamin’s Day,
April Fool’s. You’re the saint.
What do you think you want to do?
That juice is ten. Knock knock.
Want to be beautiful?
Your nails are weak. You need keratin,

Long-lasting, Garçonne, Mystique,
You’re a star. It’s the best thing.
Whatever you choose, it’s you.


Adrienne Raphel is the author of What Was It For (Rescue Press, 2017) and the chapbook But What Will We Do (Seattle Review, 2016). Born in New Jersey and raised in Vermont, she's currently working on a book about crossword puzzles.