The View

Ryo Yamaguchi

Last and then the throughway curled up to see the echoing of the specifics

what we and the material and what houses the material don’t you mean where

sold by value thinking hard the table window the insert the view edit don’t not look

a balloon descending down into the mirrors this is what no it’s the city streets

a hole in the cement the train the view edit the file wake up don’t think do go

gripped by the before the last night the coming of age the chest rotating toward

don’t you mean future futuring futurescope the dispersal hawing nictitate do go

a left and a right and continue the cross-street of winds then the sandwich place

to say to find me that is what to say the trees where you are rattling

keeping count track pins to see every morning the going out geese in the park the ocean

taken from don’t want older now faster do older and faster don’t bullshit do do

someday my prince will ha do ha someday we the we-ness pressed into slowtime

that is the do the want find me slow time do view edit curled up to see where you.