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Opal Reunion

Alicia Wright

There goes Hannah behind that cloudlet
C.D. Wright,
"Trusting in the Haptic Sense" 

I have bad news for you
when it comes to hope: pearlescent: 

holy hope: bee's sting, morning news
frames this heaven: me, falling: 

you are in water. The paddle's encased
in: opacity, pearlescent: hope's stasis 

is so sweet: I have combined
news and a wash of bliss: oaring 

pearlescent: hope as it drowns you
is the chorus of: heaven: low roads, path to: 

wine bottles sidelong: I have bad news
for you, for the bees, and it is the disconnect

that will come: from you falling, 
water’s reflection: This will be the last thing  

we ever see together. I have bad news
face down in the black grass: This 

world only a side reflection, your dark 
grave: pearlescent: haze of: news 


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