Mike Sprouse stands on side of road near broken-down truck and tire.

SOLDIERS' STORIES by Jennifer Karady

For the past ten years, Brooklyn-based artist Jennifer Karady has worked with American veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to created staged narrative photographs that both depict their individual stories and reveal their difficulties in adjusting to civilian life. For more information, visit jenniferkarady.com.

Works of art: 

Mike Sprouse
Elizabeth Condon in yard with older woman, baby, and fallen person.
Jeff Gramlich in green carpeted bedroom with machine gun, sandbags, empty beer bottles, looking out at lawn.
Jose Adames crouching on sidewalk in urban city, with explosion in street, trash on curb, and garbage truck in distance.
Person on army cot in middle of tilled field receiving IV injection while other injured walk in background.