Writing Resources for Veterans

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. If you know of workshops and classes not listed here, please e-mail us, and we'll add them to the list.

Articles about Writing

Publishing Venues

  • A-15 Publishing — a publisher and publishing resource for veterans
  • Military Writers Society of America — a veteran writing organization with over 1,200 members; they publish a quarterly magazine called Dispatches
  • O-Dark-Thirty — a journal of creative writing by veterans, service members, and military family members
  • Onward Press — A publishing imprint of USVAA: United States Veterans Artists Alliance. Publishes works by military veterans, members of military families and first responders.
  • Tactical 16 Veteran Writing Program — a veteran-focused publishing company that strives to work with military, police, firefighter, and emergency service veterans to give them a fair opportunity at sharing their story and becoming published authors; also works with military family members
  • The Deadly Writers Patrol — a journal that publishes twice a year and, according to managing editor Bruce Meredith, is "extremely writer-friendly. We typically make publishing decisions within sixty days. We also work with first-time authors who have a great tale but need help telling it."
  • The Line Literary Review — a new nonprofit journal exclusive to veterans' writing
    The Wrath-Bearing Tree — established and maintained by combat veterans, the Wrath-Bearing Tree publishes essays, reviews, fiction, and poetry on military, economic, and social violence written by those who have experienced military, economic, and/or social violence
  • Veterans' Voices — print magazine and writing program(s) offered to support veterans using writing for healing and entertainment
  • War Writers' Campaign — a nonprofit, independent publisher supporting U.S. veterans
  • Writers Market — not veteran-focused, but a comprehensive guide to publishing venues by genre; available at many public libraries

Workshops and Classes

  • Fordham University Veterans Writing Workshop — offers weekly professional-level writing workshops free of charge for veterans in the New York City area
  • The Red Badge Project — offers storytelling workshops at Veterans Centers throughout Washington state as well as at Joint BaseLewis-McChord.
  • Syracuse Veteran's Writing Group — a writing group hosted monthly at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York; it is open to all veterans and their supporters
  • USVAA: United States Veterans Artists’ Alliance — Writing workshops, held monthly in Los Angeles and open to all military veterans, free of charge and mentored by entertainment and publishing industry professionals. The workshop process culminates each year with an annual NEW WORKS PRESENTATION for the public and the entertainment industry.
  • Veteran Writing Services — a veteran-owned business that provides writing, editing, and publishing coaching services 
  • Veterans Tutoring Veterans — a writing tutorial program at Texas State University
  • Veterans Writing Project — a nonprofit based in Washington, DC, that provides no-cost writing seminars and workshops for veterans, active and reserve service members, and military family members
  • Veterans Writing Workshop — an organization that offers writing programs in public settings and in special veterans' programs and facilities in Westchester County and the New York Metropolitan area
  • Voices From War — free, New York City-based writing workshops for veterans 
  • Warrior Writers — a veteran-focused arts organization that fosters artistic exploration and expression through casual, welcoming workshops and retreats; Philadelphia-based organization, but it has members and activities across the U.S., including in Chicago, the Bay area, New York, Texas, Boston, Oklahoma, and Colorado
  • Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project — free weekend writing workshops for veterans in the Los Angeles area

There are many short-term workshops around the U.S. Your local public library may have information about these events. 

Writing Contests