Soren Stockman

Failure is the temptation of the strong, the bones
of the weak, and everything to everyone
in between. The clamor as we enter into silence.
Failure must be perfect, perfection the salvation
offered under the beaten table. When I fail, I fail
as the perfect incarnation of myself.
It is the trust I have constructed, like a summer
home for the poor. The apples for free
in the orchard, the wealthy ordering them
from across the country. Two ways to approach
failure, from either side. The solemn retreat
into it, and the aggressive advance.

Soren Stockman was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Recent work has appeared in the PEN Poetry Series, H.O.W. Journal, The Paris-American, St. Petersburg Review, and Narrative Magazine, which awarded him First Place in the 2013 Narrative 30 Below Contest. He edits Spring House Journal and works as Program Coordinator for Summer Literary Seminars in Vilnius, Lithuania.