the only jewelry i wear

Terry Hertzler
Horizontal close up of metal plates attached to a building.
Photo by Jerrit Peinelt

small shard of metal brazed 
on a stainless steel chain, 
122mm rocket shrapnel, not quite 
a trapezoid, dug out of a post 
where it lodged one night, 10" 
from my head while i slept, 
more a trapezium, same 
shrapnel that killed michael, other 
side of our hooch, quadrilateral 
with no parallel sides, size 
of a c-ration lima bean maybe

Terry Hertzler has worked as a writer, editor, and teacher for more than thirty years. His poetry and short stories have appeared in The Writer, North American Review, Margie, Literal Latté, Nimrod, and Stand Up Poetry: An Expanded Anthology. He has published numerous chapbooks as well as two books of poetry and short fiction: The Way of the Snake and Second Skin. He has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize.