WHAT CAN I SHIP: Union Pacific Online Customer Handbook 2007

Amanda Peery-Wolf
Shipping containers
Boites en Seine. Photograph by PEYNE François on Unsplash

First, a Statement of Purpose:

Proudly hire military veterans modes of surface

movement career on track! Hour after hour proudly

everyday communities any size global finished

locations we use proudly.


Category 1.

Water wine mineral water malt liquor fizzy water flavored water milk

juice of all times [sic] alcohol (grain cane root) Beverages

are moved under various pricing authorities [quote

estimate link requires login otherwise locked]

Railroad ties platforms pallets plastic roofing granules lumber

Building materials are moved under

various price Authorities [locked]

Granite jasper flint (blocks pieces slabs) onyx

obsidian marble gravel (crushed broken natural)

clay metallic ore quartzite (ground) other rock

(crushed) coquina (ground pulverized dried)

petroleum oil shale oil (crude or not)

propane butane isobutane Moved

under various Authorities [locked]

Peanuts seeds potato flakes pepper sauce flavoring

canned apples corn canned oranges

(fresh) peas onions sweet potatoes

(fresh or frozen) poultry (livestock)

beef (alive or not) Moved under

the Authorities [locked].

Cement clinker cement hydraulic concrete mix (dry)

lumber (dry green cedar) treated lumber

plastic lumber mixing sand machinery

Move under Authorities.

Pipes of all types yes slap billet ingot sheet

tinplate copper scrap Move

under the Authority [locked].


Category 2.

Common Salt




Lake Michigan Trout


Rye Flour


Grains and Feeds

[View other items of interest]


Category 3.

Personal vehicle rates don’t hesitate to contact Paul for over 500 vehicles please

email Tara Newberry for Utility Coal contact Gladis Tom Jessie or D’Andrae

Industrial Coal contact Joel Export Coal Brett for Ethanol Mahadevan Justin Green Petroleum Coke

Anna Oil Carbon Black Randie Fertilizers Paul Over 500 Mary Solvents D’Andrae Asphalt Glass

Mary Anne Ethanol Mahadevan Stained Glass Gladis Cars Tara Randie Anna Carbon Black.


Category 4.

Chemicals of all times

[See hazardous waste manifest]


Category 5. Goods

stretchers hairbrushes women’s needs skis phone cases streamers grill

covers tree trimmers shaving kits sticks fridge magnets whistles medicine

drips light fixtures seat belts swiffers twisties tweezers paintbrushes

pitchforks calendars birthday cards aluminum stars plastic-wrapped

candles minicars slippers irons silks hair dryers sun hats collectible bottle

caps brass picture frames days-of-the-week pill holders playbills poptart

toasters walking sticks with rubber tips video games mattresses hd

screens jeans green bicycles for boys rubber hands for halloween minidresses

for when she’s starting to come into her own pocket pill containers

horse blankets rabbit biscuits jingly balls for cats eyebrow brushes

keyboard covers car accessories menorahs plastic bags pen caps worry

dolls folding fans molding clay ac units fuel charges apply to all shipments

balled-up tissues tootsie rolls rolling papers live rabbits beach umbrellas

mascara hard candies water guns syringes super support swivel chairs

pine air fresheners lecterns police hats ipads trash bags mardis gras

masks cigarettes sleep aids egg timers tennis rackets industrial gloves bug

strips canisters of pink ink soy sauce dishes sweet dreamz droplets wake

up scrub tent poles soccer goals standing lamps shoe sprays cashmere

scarves plastic barns plastic farm animals with peeling plastic stomach

seams index cards heart charms sudafed kitchen clips groovy-brand lava

lamps footie socks fanny packs romances in paperback bomber jackets

spanish musk perfume drain-cleaner-plus stacks of signs that say all

employees must wash hands before returning to work window frames

yard ornaments party plates meditation tapes dog beds for big dogs burn

ointment seagate computer parts toothpaste posters of the kennedys

christmas-themed stick-on nails shipping charges crayons pillows baking

sets fairground crowns nutrient drips replacement switches venetian

blinds battery packs scratch-off tickets ticker tape fish kingdom fish tanks

fuel charges skirts sizes double zero to twenty-four s’mores in chocolatebar

form apple o’s stacked forks deflated floaties thin mints lozenges

born-again nativity sets snake nets rainmakers stress balls fuel char- dolls

easy-hide flasks fuel charges wall speakers wall hugger outlets full-length

mirrors postcards from michigan fuel charges Jackie O’s one-of-a-kind

inauguration gown fuel charges all.

Amanda Peery-Wolf is a poet and editor living in New York City. Her work has been published in Colorado Review and she has been a featured poet at the Inspired Word NYC and the Bowery Poetry Club.