More TIR Argentina!

TIR staff

Good news, polyglots! We've added another Argentinian Spanish translation to the online contents of our Spring 2010 issue: "Un mar en penumbras," a translation by Melina Cazabat of Elisabeth Benjamin's story "Scarce Lit Sea." 

Past translations featured on our website include “La pistolita” (Benjamin Percy’s “The Rubber-band Gun”), “Toc toc” (Brock Clarke’s “Knock knock”), “Avisos fúnebres” (Susan McCarty’s “Services Pending”), and “El pibe al que no invitamos a la orgía” (David Harris Ebenbach’s “The Guy We Didn’t Invite to the Orgy”). Thanks to outgoing TIR editor Russell Valentino for coordinating the effort!

These translations come to us by way of two translation workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina, headed by Argentine poet Santiago Llach and American translator Jennifer Croft. 

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