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Michael Fauver Among "Five New Queer Voices to Watch Out For"

TIR staff

Congratulations to Michael Fauver, our 2009-2010 Associate Fiction Editor, on being named one of "Five New Queer Voices to Watch Out For" by Lambda Literary! Click here to read more about Michael's fresh voice in new fiction as well as the other four named: Melissa Febos, Justin Torres, Jaime Shearn Coan, and Nicole J. Georges.


Venti or Grande?: The Iowa Review's Treatment of Interns Exposed

Sara Kosch

Intern: Meanings: imprison (v.), Synonyms: detain, confine, hold, hold in custody, release (Antonym). Well, that sounds promising, doesn't it? The 2007 Microsoft Word's definition seems to be the one that everybody thinks of when they think of 'the intern.' I can't tell you how many times I've told people I have a summer internship and they've asked how I enjoy being the office slave/personal coffee obtainer. "I wouldnt know," I tell them. And I don't. I've never been commanded to go on a Starbucks run or a journey for jelly donuts, and I myself have actually been fed on multiple occasions by the staff (they give me BAGELS!)  I guess if I were to describe being an intern at The Iowa Review I would say it's more like being a free-range office pet than an indentured servant.

cap we love proof reading bang

Russell Valentino

It's now proofing time at TIR, when bang is not just the name of a contemporary American poet (whose new and strangely contemporary Dante will be featured in an upcoming issue, by the way) but a code for an exclamation (which might be the same thing, if Bang's Dante is any measure), and comm doesn't stand for the first part of Comm Studies and point is the point because it marks the end (a metaphysical concept, as in the final stop that gives sense to all the precedes it "Was Khrushchev a good man?" asks little Petya of his grandma; I don't know, little Petya, we'll have to wait 'til he dies to find out), and the difference between an em-dash and a hyph is as crucial as that between a paren and par.

Naming the Blog

Russell Valentino

I'm hoping it's not a sign of anything but my pedestrian (as opposed to vehicular? cyclist?) tech skills that my first post to this blog got lost. We think Word Press swallowed it. Luckily, it wasn't very memorable. To be more memorable, the editors decided we needed a name for this here blog thingy and promptly set out in search of a proper one to do us justice, or at least not make us look lame.


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