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Black Girl Magic

Precious Okoyomon

They don’t know what to do with me .. i am fat and black and queer

When was the assertion of blackness anything other than an interrogation.  

I was born. I was a child. I learned and did things.i loved. had those who loved me. I felt
alone. ( theory on self-abolition)  They gave me a muzzle. I asked to be abstracted. 
Loving to disappear. I fell in love with everyone_ peeking over temples_  Shoo shoo
i want to be free.

Spooky Town

Annelyse Gelman

They scare me, the resin casts of men

in flannel shirts and jeans, feet webbed, unfeeling—
the light that glances off the eyes, the knees


wedded to the plastic grass they kneel in.

It scares me: the grass is the kneeling

2018/19 Undergraduate Jobs at THE IOWA REVIEW

TIR Staff



The Iowa Review seeks an operations assistant for the 2018­–19 academic year. The operations assistant will work 8 hours a week in the TIR office in EPB and handle a variety of administrative tasks, including maintaining databases, sending out author contracts and magazine orders, and opening mail. Some support in editorial work may be needed as well (e.g., proofreading, researching permissions). Occasional attendance at outside events may be required. The operations assistant will work August 20 through May 10, with the exception of University breaks. The wage will be $10/hour.



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