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Beautiful Jakob Lays in His Beautiful Bed

Jackson Holbert

Beautiful Jakob
            lays in
his beautiful
            bed. Above

the bed
            beautiful birds.

Jakob won’t
            sleep won’t sleep.

            Jesus lord Jesus

those whole
            years I

had all
            the pills

I wanted.

     Jesus lord Jesus
            the trees

in me

The Flowers

Julianne Neely

The flowers were assembled, beginning with their stems.
The flowers feared us, our longings, our appetite.
The flowers were made for the low in the lake.
Flowers whisked with force.
Flowers as cheap poetic device.
The flowers were sentimental.
The flowers saw other flowers and became inconsolable.
They measured their breath, almost audible.

Tiffany Bridal Shop and Other Prom Dresses

Adrienne Raphel

Hello! I am Tiffany, a mannequin.
I live on 77 Sunset. I would like to
read a poem by my very favorite
poet: you! That dress is cocktail white,
that dress is you. This dress is another blue.
My day is thirty dollars. My dress is
Thirty thousand dollars. Know
Your birthstone. Mine is
Aquamarine. Today’s horoscope is
Mean. Something new awaits you.
Are you born under a moon sign?

Butterfly on a Baby’s Head

Nikki Wallschlaeger

Maybe it was you
Maybe we’re marching to the store
Maybe we’re coming back from the ballpark
Maybe we’re plump robins shopping in your birdbath
Maybe you’re a crest of eggs on a backdoor planet
Maybe after the funeral you became a butterfly on a baby’s head
Maybe we yowled and high-fived each other for a job well done


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