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Jenny Grassl

burn cinnamon       your remorse
I will attend your systole and flu

favor speckle for heart    take foxglove
burden in its tonic       please       don’t die

I do beseech you       beloved and strange
bowed with soft shoulders of penitence

charcoal absorbing nausea       petting your dog
wring hands       sanitized          wash     wash

For the Post-Anthropocene

K.A. Hayes

—at Roque Bluffs state park
stone stone & skipping barefoot tender
on stone sand & heat / sharpness or roundness guiding
to go on wanderlooking
but not looking for
no not to find but what’s now found & now, seeing
I see
& if I bend to touch a rock to palm
a rock the wind wobbletosses a force

Chance Finds

Forester McClatchey

It begins with a lump of peat dredged from the bottom of the North Sea. The fishermen look
at it tolerantly. Peat, driftwood, and gulper sharks are not uncommon to catch. Today the men
are bored so they crack open the lump of peat, and a harpoon falls out. It is made of red deer
antler and gleams like burnished ebony.

The fishermen now understand that they are pulling food from a tomb.


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