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2018/19 Undergraduate Jobs at THE IOWA REVIEW

TIR Staff



The Iowa Review seeks an operations assistant for the 2018­–19 academic year. The operations assistant will work 8 hours a week in the TIR office in EPB and handle a variety of administrative tasks, including maintaining databases, sending out author contracts and magazine orders, and opening mail. Some support in editorial work may be needed as well (e.g., proofreading, researching permissions). Occasional attendance at outside events may be required. The operations assistant will work August 20 through May 10, with the exception of University breaks. The wage will be $10/hour.



Kameryn Carter

                                                              of the  darkest color  possible,  that  of

Guns Will Be Guns 

Shane McCrae
                                                                                                                  “I can only say this: If [the man who shot the Sutherland Springs
                                                                                                                  shooter] didn’t have a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would
                                                                                                                  have had hundreds more dead. So that’s the way I feel about it.
                                                                                                                  [Gun control is] [n]ot going to help.” 
                                                                                                                                              —Donald Trump 

THE IOWA REVIEW celebrates National Poetry Month 2018

Izzy Casey

A poem is not a drafted plan; it is a balance between forgetting the truth and understanding it. April is National Poetry Month, and The Iowa Review is excited to continue with our annual online feature. For each day in April, we will publish a poem online by writers who demonstrate how the truth is composed of conflicting ideas, like what makes us laugh the hardest breaks our hearts the hardest, that terror has a great sorrow to it, and that exploiting the ugliness is just as important as discovering the beauty.


Here is a list of this year’s poets:


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