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Becca Klaver

It’s like a phobia of life in general?

I promised not to do it again?

I paid you already?

I know you care, but it’s not enough?

I think you need to bring your voice down?

I ate the rest of it?

I’m 100% positive I left it right here?

I didn’t think that applied to me?


Jessica Laser

To love perversely, where we aren’t
supposed to love, how else to know
freedom? How else to know the
mind than when it places itself
where it should not be and drags
your heart there like an anchor?

Future Ruins

Brandon Shimoda

Where do you feel safe?
Where do youth feel safe?

On the phone
With best friends on the phone
The space that exhales
A box
SW Grille
In a car
with sister and mother
eating Eegee’s



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