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Earth usually has more than one moon, study suggests

Talin Tahajian

When the last stellar-studded gown swept across the whole

bleeding world, I cried. The pearly night ate me up. Marveling,

you ask, What is it like, living in the larval object? I used to know­—

the same goes for our sloshing planet. Now, I forget most things.

The darkness is round and white. It has become glorious and full.

Apocalypse / Utopia VI

Katie Willingham

The actor rehearses alone, before the rehearsal,

to get the lines right. If I could remember


everything, I doubt it would appear like

elegant scaffolding, a face on top, and limbs, how


they gesture now, in June, towards June things:

a dress covered in boats, leaves flashing their undersides


All the Better

Marlin M. Jenkins

Boy / what big lies you have /

            What big lashes /


What large heaps to hide

            behind / cardboard and colored glass /


Boy / what grubby hands you have /

            What big histories / Boy lying


The Leaf Mask

Cassie Donish

        she saw real birds

as wind-up birds with intricate

machinery; their whistles, the metal


architecture of their wings—she saw 

them perched atop the hospital,

where exhausted women brought


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